iSMARTtrain for the iPad

As well as V4 of iSMARTtrain for the Mac, you may be aware that we’re also working on an iPad version.

The iPad version will have all the features of the Mac version, with the exception of downloading from most training devices. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t allow us access to USB subsystem to read from most of the devices on the market today. However, we’ve managed to get downloading working with Garmin ANT+ devices, such as the Forerunner 910xt & 405, using the Wahoo Fitness Fiscia ANT+ key. We’re also hopeful that we’ll manage to get the app downloading for the Edge 510/810 and Forerunner 220 & 620 using Bluetooth.

The main problem stopping us from releasing the app, at least as a beta, is the need of a good syncing solution between the Mac and iOS versions. There’s things like iCloud, Parse, Wasabi and Drew McCormack’s excellent Ensembles, but these don’t quite meet our specific needs for iSMARTtrain. We’re working on our own back end for syncing, which we have working internally, but still needs some work before we can release it.

We hope to have iSMARTtrain for the iPad released later this year.

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