Ummm…. Shiny New iBook

Got a shiny new iBook yesterday as my old one (800 Mhz G4) is getting a bit slow – it’s not so much the processor speed, as the memory – it’s maxed out at 640 Mb, which isn’t quite enough with the latest releases of RealBasic & XCode – the new one’s 1.5 Gig of RAM should speed things up considerably.

I bought it from the refurbished section on Apple’s web store – apparently, these are repaired, returned or ex-demo machines, but come with a full Apple warranty. The site says they may have slight imperfects or cosmetic defects, but the only thing I could see on mine was that the screen might be slightly squint – anyway, for 25% off the new price, I’ll live with that! Plus, it had a 60 Gig HD instead of the advertised 40 Gig.

I was tempted by the new ‘MacBook’ but I’ve had my fingers burned before buying new releases from Apple – my G4 iBook was an Apple replacement for a G3 iBook which was repaired 4 times in the first year. Anyway, it’ll probably be a while before we’re ready to move iSMARTtrain to a universal binary – it’s not so much the application itself, as the drivers that’ll be required for the USB-Serial adaptors – hopefully, Keyspan will have them soon enough.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon – Keyspan has betas of the Intel drivers on its site already!

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