iBook Brain Transplant

My G4 iBook’s hard drive died on me yesterday. I got a strange lock-up then, when I ran Disk Utility, I saw that the SMART status of the drive was ‘Failing’. Fortunately, I had my old G3 iBook (which I kept as it boots into Classic) sitting in a cupboard, which I could transfer the hard drive from – only problem, how to take each iBook apart to remove and install the hard drives?

A quick google came up with PBFixit’s site (http://www.pbfixit.com/) – they have some excellent disassembly guides for most of Apple’s laptop range. The printed guides even have pages with areas to place the variously sizes screws.

With PBFixit’s help the brain transplant went faultlessly – I didn’t even have any screws left over!

Now, whether or not to buy a new Intel iBook when they’re (allegedly) announced at MWSF next week…..

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