RS200/CS200 and iSMARTtrain

We’ve recently got an RS200sd for testing with iSMARTtrain, as we’ve had quite a few customer requests for support of it and it’s brother, the CS200.

However, it appears that the device only stores the SUMMARY of a session, NOT the actual HR Data. This doesn’t fit in with the way that iSMARTtrain is currently designed to be used. Because of this, we won’t be supporting the RS200 or CS200 in the current release of iSMARTtrain.

However, all is not lost!!

We’re working on V2.5 at the moment, and it WILL (hopefully) support the RS & CS models. We’ve made a number of changes to the way that data is stored, meaning that we’ll be able to download the summaries from the devices and produce TRIMPs data, training calendars, etc.

We hope to have beta releases of V2.5 out in a month-or-so, and a final version around the start of next year.

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