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Suunto T6

I’ve had a few customers recently asking about the status of support for the Suunto HRMs in the latest release of iSMARTtrain, as there’s no mention of it on the website.

Basically, iSMARTtrain V3.0.7 supports the Suunto T3, T4 & T6. The reason that it’s not mentioned on the website is that, during the beta period, we had a number of users who found the software just didn’t work – the software simply refused to ‘see’ their Suunto HRM. I’ve been unable to get to the bottom of the problem, as we’ve had two users with identical setups, one of whom can get the download to work, and the other who can’t. And, of course, it always works for me! I’ve got no idea how many users are successfully using the software with the Suunto devices, as I only hear from the ones who have a problem. Because of this unknown factor, we’ve decided for the moment to simply not list compatibility on our website.

If you want to know if iSMARTtrain will work with your Suunto device on your Mac, simply download the application from our website, and try it. The software is fully functional without buying a serial number. You’ll also need to download the appropriate driver (T3/T4 or T6) from the drivers section of the website (

Let me know if you’re successful or not…

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  1. karlyk says:

    I’m one of the unsuccessful ones with a T6. I can use Movescount, so I know the psychical setup works. I downloaded and installed the driver, but it just gives the error that it could not connect. I’m using the usbserial option for the port, which is the only one that offers the T6 as a device. What’s the driver file called? Where is supposed to reside on the Mac? Maybe I can start there… I’d love some help to get this working. Thanks. Karl

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