Power Sensor Update

Finally go around to fitting the power sensor at the middle of last month – also fitted new cassette, chainrings and chain at the same time. Fitting went fairly well – quite a bit of messing about to get the height of the sensor on the chainstay correct, and ended up with 3 layers of rubber spacer under each end. Another minor problem was fitting the candence magnet to the crank in a position where it won’t hit the sensor, frame or front derailleur. I’m not convinced that I’ve got this right yet (road trials will determine that!), and I suspect that I may need to replace the oddly shaped Polar magnet with one from my spares box.

All seemed well until I just thought I’d tighten the bolt holding the chain speed sensor a little more – and stripped the threads on the rear derailleur!! One new derailleur later, and £35 lighter, AND after our summar holiday, I finally got it all up-and-running last weekend. The weather, plus a cold stopped me from actually trying it on the road, but it seemed to work well enough on the stand in the garage. Will post some pictures of the setup at the weekend.

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