iSMARTtrain V3.0.6 Beta 20 Release

Beta 20 of V3.0.6 is out now. Most of the changes are bug fixes, and the introduction of support for Garmin/ANT .FIT files.

Downloading directly from the Garmin Edge 500 has also been added – however, I don’t have a unit to test with, so I’ve based to code on a description of the directory structure I found in the Garmin support forums. If there’s any problems, with this, you’ll be able to import the .fit files by dragging them directly from the unit’s directory into iSMARTtrain.

If there’s any problems with the .FIT importing, please send me a copy of the file in question, and i’ll hopefully be able to reproduce the problem and fix it.

Download from the usual place –

As usual, any problems/questions, etc., please email me or post in our forums.


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