wow… Just realised I haven’t blogged for nearly two months!

Just a quick update on what’s going on with iSMARTtrain. We’re currently working on V2.0.1, which fixes a couple of bugs that made it into the final release of V2.0.0, including problems with S725 and S810 HRMs. We’ve added a couple of other enhancements as well, and a beta can be downloaded from http://www.otag.co.uk/iSMARTtrain/Beta/

We’re also hard at work adding support for SonicLink devices (S410 & S510/S520 initially). We’ve got a couple of people testing the alpha release of this, and, hopefully, we’ll have a generally available beta out shortly.

On the training front, I’ve had a good couple of weeks running and finally made it out on my bike for an hour yesterday for the first time this year!

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