iSMARTtrain V3.0.6 Beta 6 with Suunto T3, T4 & T6 Mac Support

Bata 6 (re)introduces support for Suunto T3, T4 and T6 devices. Both the ‘c’ and non-‘c’ models should work. Drivers for the T6 serial cable and the PC Pod that’s required for the T3 & T4 can be downloaded from here. Please bear in mind that this IS beta software, and hasn’t been extensively tested with these devices. As always, any problems/questions, please email me, or post in our forums.

Other fixes in this release include:

  • No longer crashes exporting data as PowerTap csv files.

  • Now shows a warning when corrupt .tcx files are imported.
  • Polar RS800/RS400/CS600/CS400 download now retries multiple times before failing.
  • No longer crashes when the serial port selected for Polar S710/S720/S625x/S810 download is not the port connected to the interface.
  • Garmin downloads now has correct ascent and calories (was broken in Beta 5)
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2 Responses to iSMARTtrain V3.0.6 Beta 6 with Suunto T3, T4 & T6 Mac Support

  1. jcueto says:

    Works perfect with my RS800CX, I download my last session with no problem at all.

    The Suunto support sounds terrific. What I need to do to mak it work with my t3c?



  2. Lee says:

    Well done for putting Suunto support in. I’m waiting on delivery of my T3C. Reason for going with Suunto is because they produce a dual strap, which works with ANT and Polar.

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