Moschip IrDA Driver Update

After a bit of gentle prodding, the guys at Moschip sent me the Intel driver for the chipset used in the Polar USB-IR Interface.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work…

I’ll do some more testing over the weekend, and, hopefully, I’ll be able to talk to one of their driver development guys next week to see if we can get this fixed.

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7 Responses to Moschip IrDA Driver Update

  1. Haile says:

    Are there some news about the Moschip-drivers? I also had bad luck with one of these special IR-interfaces.

  2. bjorge says:

    I just brought home my new HRM/PT (Polar RS800CX and was very disapointed when I realised there was no support for OS X. I was really exited to find iSMARTtrainer as a good option to the Polar bundled software. However my kit is supplied with the MosChip IR chipset.
    Since this last post in this forum about Moschip chipset is almost 6 months old, I’m very courious if there are any news on the testing/support? Time frame/roadmap?
    I’m ready to go for this solution as soon as it will work with my Polar HRM 🙂

  3. Stuart Tevendale says:

    @bjorge: No, nothing new – still waiting for an updated driver that works from Moschip. When one’s available, be sure that I’ll post here about it!

  4. bjorge says:

    @Stuart: Thanks. I’ll go ahead and use my Polar HRM/PT manually awaiting news from you – eager to try out your software as soon as it’s ready 🙂

  5. johnny says:

    Seems like MosChip published an updated driver in January. The driver itself seems to be working with my macbook though I can’t get it working with iSmarttrain.

  6. Paul Behrens says:

    Hi there,

    Is there any updates on this driver support? seems like they are still on the January driver and it hasn’t been updated.

    Will iSmarttrain and the new MosChip driver work together?



  7. bobslegg says:

    there seems to be a more recent version :;74;109&
    Ismarttrain recognizes the driver, i can choose my polar rs800cx but that’s all …
    A +

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