iSMARTtrain V3.0.6 Beta 5 With RS400, RS800, RS800cx, CS400, CS600 & CS600x Support

Beta 5 of V3.0.6 introduces is support for Polar’s RS400, RS800, RS800cx, CS400, CS600 & CS600x devices. These require the use of Polar’s IR-USB interface or a Belkin F5U230 IR-USB Adaptor (the only device with native Mac OS X support).

At the moment, we only support the Polar USB2-IR interface with the SigmaTel chipset. Some Polar IR adaptors use the MosChip chipset. To see which chipset your adaptor uses, have a look here – – for instructions.

MosChip has PowerPC drivers available on their site, but no Intel drivers. The company hasn’t yet been too forthcoming with the source for these drivers, despite the fact that they appear to be based on Apple’s USB IrDA drivers, and should, under Apple’s licensing terms, be publicly available. Once I get the source from them, we’ll support these devices as well.

Drivers for the SigmaTel device are available here – Please note that the driver is Intel-only at the moment, for the simple reason that I don’t have a PowerPC mac to hand for testing.

To download from these devices, click on the ‘Download’ button in the toolbar, and select ‘IrDA’ from the ‘Port:’ popup menu and ‘Polar RS800/sd/cx’ from the ‘Device:’ popup menu – this option works for all the supported devices. Click the ‘OK’ button, and, after a short delay (opening the IrDA port takes a couple of seconds), the ‘Add Sessions’ dialog box will open and the session data will be downloaded from the device.

If the data doesn’t appear to download from the device, try unplugging and re-pluging the interface into the USB port, then repeating the above steps.

The software has only been tested with an RS800 and RS800cx, but should work with the other models listed. Also, at the moment, R-R heart rate data isn’t supported (we’re working on it!), and neither is GPS data from the RS800cx and CS600x. As soon as I can get some sample files with GPS data, we’ll add this functionality.

As always, any problems/questions, please email me, or post in our forums.

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15 Responses to iSMARTtrain V3.0.6 Beta 5 With RS400, RS800, RS800cx, CS400, CS600 & CS600x Support

  1. akaash says:

    Dear Stuart,

    I am terribly pleased to be the first (I believe) to offer you congratulations in your forum for surmounting obstacles that were to great for Polar themselves, to create a Macintosh program that can work with the Polar RS800cx, despite Polar’s engineers’ bizarre disregard for standards and accepted formats.

    I realise that your program is still a beta, and so I am neither surprised nor at all put off by the fact that (at least for me) it is able to transfer data from my Polar watch to my Macintosh somewhat haphazardly. If Polar had any sense, they will hire you before you finish the full release!

    I will be purchasing a copy of your program, and I hope that the support of the community of Mac Polar-users will be able to support your efforts.

    I look forward to the finished product, especially if you are able to incorporate the GPS data and Google mapping.


  2. benwalton says:

    Brilliant, this is looking promising.

    I have the moschip IR so couldn’t import directly but managed to import the HRM file created in windows.

    It mostly seemed to work, the speeds were correct for my cycle, however it imported a 51km ish cycle as about 32km. I presume it came through as 32 miles and thought it was 32km. Although the average speed and max speed were correct.

    I understand this is a beta, I just wanted to report the above problem I was seeing. I can send the HRM file if required, my email address is my username at gmail.

    Thanks for putting the time and effort into creating this Mac software for Polar. I’m currently using a combination of the windows pro trainer running in VMWare, which calculates everything in miles and I ride and run in KM so it’s not very helpful, and then the polar website, which although offers KM, the graphs are really small and the interface isn’t brilliant.

    I’m looking forward to using iSMARTtrain!

  3. Stuart Tevendale says:

    Thanks for the praise!

    Can you give me some more details of the problems you’re having downloading, please, and I’ll see if I can get them fixed.

    Also, if you have the GPS unit, can you send me some sample files, please – email me for details of how to do this.



  4. sathomasga says:

    Sure wish it worked ;^(

    Reads the overview data from my CS600 just fine, but when I select the session and click add, nothing happens. Eventually the CS600 times out and gives up.

    I’ve got a log and saved data if there’s an email address where I can send them.


  5. Stuart Tevendale says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Send the files to stuart (at)



  6. jmoerck says:

    The driver don’t work with PowerPC, hoping for a fix 🙂


  7. ichicoblog says:


    could you tell me how to uninstall SigmaTel Driver.

    because I couldn’t install that well…
    my system is snow leopard.


  8. says:

    I have tried using the SigmaTel driver for my Polar USB IR device together with my Polar 710i but have problems.

    Some USB device data:
    Product-ID: 0x4210
    Manufacturer-ID: 0x066f (SigmaTel, Inc.)
    Version: 10.02

    The driver installation was ok but MAC OS X complained about the access rights to the files at startup so I had to change these according to below:

    $ cd /Library/StartupItems
    $ sudo chown -R root SigmaTelPatch
    $ sudo chgrp -R wheel SigmaTelPatch
    $ sudo chmod -R 755 SigmaTelPatch

    After this no complaints from MAC OS at startup. I launched iSMARTtrain v 3.0.6 beta 15 and proceeded according to this:

    1) Set the 710i in “connect”
    2) Klicked the Download button in iSMARTtrain.
    3) Chose IrDA and Polar RS800/sd… Klicked OK.
    4) The “Downloaded sessions” window opens and I see on my Polar 710i that the display changes to “Infrared” which means that there is some sort of communication established with the USB IR device.
    5) A message pop-up from iSMARTtrain says “No data received from Polar device. Try unplugging then re-pluggin your IrDA interface and attempting to download again”.

    I have tried to re-connect the USB IR device several times but the result is the same as above all times.

    Anything I am doing wrong?
    I know that you have not tested the device driver with the 710i but I thought I´d give you the feedback anyway.

    Next week I will receive a new Polar 725X so I will try that one out as well.


  9. Stuart Tevendale says:
    There’s no support for the ‘S’ series of monitors with the Sigmatel device, only the RS800, RS400 & CS600.

    Thanks & Regards


  10. Robert-Mbgt says:

    @Stuart Tevendale:
    I suppose it is in the iSMARTtrain-SW rather than the driver that the support is missing for the S-series, right? Any chance of having that support included in the future?

  11. @Robert-Mbgt: It’s a combination of the two. The SigmaTel driver doesn’t support the correct protocols to ‘talk’ to most of the S-series.

  12. rosskevin says:

    Hi Stuart

    I am running 3.0.6 Beta 19, I have been training to import RS800CX HRM files.

    All data imports very well except for calorie information.

    Is this a known problem?

    Any update on the Moschip driver?



  13. Hi Kevin,
    For some reason, Polar decided not to store the calories value in the .hrm file, but to put it in the .pdd file instead. If you copy both the .pdd file and the .hrm file onto your Mac and import the .pdd file, you should get the calories data. Importing the .pdd file will also import the .hrm files associated with it.

    No update from moschip yet.



  14. rosskevin says:

    Hi Stuart

    Thanks for your support!

    I tried to import the .pdd file but had an error message.

    I sent you the error message via an email last night.

    It would be great if you could let me know what is the problem.



  15. Stuart Tevendale says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Don’t seem to have got your email. Can you forward it to me again, please?



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