Polar RS300x & FlowLink on the Mac

I’ve recently got my hands on Polar’s new RS300x model, with an aim to integrating Polar’s new FlowLink interface into iSMARTtrain, starting the with RS300x.

The RS300x is functionally pretty much the same as the RS200 – it provides average heart rate & speed for each session and each lap, as well as time in HR zones. There’s no continuous data like there is from, say, an RS800sd. In addition to using the S1 footpod for speed/distance measurement, the RS300x also supports the G1 GPS pod, although this only provides speed and distance information, not (as far as I’m aware) actual GPS positional data.

The FlowLink interface is a square plate with a dished out area in the middle. The HRM is placed face-down in the dished out area, and an indicator light turns green to show that a connection has been established between the FlowLink and the HRM. Electronically, the interface seems to work in a similar way to the Polar Interface Plus and Advantage Interfaces from the ‘90s, which polar abandoned in favour of IR with the introduction of the S710. In use, I’ve found the data transfer FAR more reliable than SonicLink.

In iSMARTtrain, the data is presented in the same way as the RS200 & CS200. The main Data Graph shows the laps and the average HR & speed for each, together with the averages for the entire session. The SportZones dialog shows the time spend in the various HR zones. The zone settings used are read from the watch when the session is downloaded.

The latest version of iSMARTtrain which supports the RS300x has just be released and can be downloaded from here – http://www.ismarttrain.com/Beta/

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16 Responses to Polar RS300x & FlowLink on the Mac

  1. michae says:

    I tried to download data with Flowlink. Its not working.
    Log says: 10/8/09 4:55:42 PM michas-MacBook-Pro iSMARTtrain[8024] 8024 com.apple.console Warning NSDocumentController Info.plist warning: The values of CFBundleTypeRole entries must be ‘Editor’, ‘Viewer’, ‘None’, or ‘Shell’.

    Thanks for help.

  2. Stuart Tevendale says:

    Yes, but that error’s got nothing to do with the FlowLink devices – what happens when you try to download?



  3. michae says:

    thanks for support!
    its starts and the progress bar is going to nearly 80%. Than nothing further happends. No crash or other errors. Just waiting in this possition. I waited 20 minutes but no finishing.

    Could it be because I use the trial version?

  4. Stuart Tevendale says:

    No, it won’t be because you’re using the trial version. Tick the ‘Log Transactions’ checkbox in the device selection dialog box, then try downloading again. Once it’s stalled/completed, quit the program and you’ll find a file in your ‘Documents’ folder called something like ‘ismarttrain_2009-09-29_21_04_30.log’ with today’s date and time.

    Send me the file, please, and I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of the problem.



  5. Stuart Tevendale says:

    Thanks for those – I can see where the problem is, now I just need to fix it!



  6. michae says:

    Hi Stuart! Looks like you solved the problem.
    I bought it now and can handle my sessions. Thank U very much! Thats cool.

    One more thing…
    When I try to delete the sessions, an error message says: Error opening Serial Port – FlowLink.
    I tried it 3 times, but still this error.
    Log: http://www.basecampquickie.com/no_delete.log.zip

    Have a nice day.


  7. michae says:

    thanks again, its working!!

    if U like … one more feedback for the UI.
    If U select more than one session in the calender to delete. The programm is asking for each session:”Your are about to delete a session from your diary. Are you sure you wish to do this?”.
    If U select 100 session, it will ask 100 times;)

    Thanks again for the fast support.

  8. thaddselden says:

    Does the new beta support all FlowLink monitors, or just the RS300X? I’m thinking about getting my wife an FT40 for Christmas, but if she can’t download on her Mac, it’s a no go. She uses iSmartTrain now with her S610.

  9. Stuart Tevendale says:

    @thaddselden At the moment we only support the RS300x. I have, however, got an FT40 sitting on my desk, so it’ll be the next to be supported.

    Thanks & Regards

    Yellow Field Technologies Ltd

  10. thaddselden says:


    Thanks, that’s great to hear.


  11. grotuk says:


    I just downloaded the tool and I’m trying to figure it out how to download data from my RS300x. Under the Download menu I can’t see a Flowlink or a RS300x option. I just want to confirm this point to buy a Flowlink and register the iSmartTrain.

    Thanks a million.

  12. Stuart Tevendale says:

    grotuk :
    I just downloaded the tool and I’m trying to figure it out how to download data from my RS300x. Under the Download menu I can’t see a Flowlink or a RS300x option. I just want to confirm this point to buy a Flowlink and register the iSmartTrain.
    Thanks a million.

    The Flowlink option will only show up when the software detects that the unit is plugged in, hence the reason you can’t find it.

    The relevant devices only show up when a port/device is selected that is appropriate to them – i.e. you’ll only see RS300x in the device menu if a flowlink device has been selected.



  13. Ulfat says:

    Any chance you have a FT80 floating around to test…?

    Out of curiosity i tried it with mine, seems to pull back the data but he date formats are messed up all the time stamps are set as either 2005 or 2012. Double checked my watch and the settings appear to be fine locally so assume its a different format than the RS300x. If you get the FT80 working you’ll have a new loyal customer 🙂

  14. DesertRat says:

    Cannot download from either of the two HRMs:
    Garmin FR60 w/ Garmin ANT+ USB stick
    Polar RS300X w/ FlowLink

    I’m having difficulties downloading from either device. When plugging in the Garmin ANT+ USB stick, the download menu thinks it is the Polar ANTUSBStick.slabvcp — hence cannot download from FR60, and the FR60 does not show on any other port options.

    The FlowLink is not recognized as option in the download menu. On the FlowLink, the data led shines orange, and the align led shines green — therefore assume the FlowLink is healthy.

    Using version 3.0.6 Beta 17 — have tried restarting app, plugging / unplugging interface devices.

  15. Stuart Tevendale says:

    @DesertRat: The Flowlink will show up on the menu only if the Mac can ‘see’ it. Try looking in the System Profiler to see if it shows up as a USB device.

    To download from the FR60, you need to use Garmin Connect. Note that we don’t officially support the FR60 yet, simply because we haven’t had any experience with it.

    Thanks & Regards


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