ANT+ Sport Upgrade for PowerTap

I updated my PowerTap hub today to the new firmware which supports ANT+ Sport, which meant I’m able to use it with my Garmin Edge 705.

The update was fairly painless – the updater cost £75 from It was simply a case of removing the cover of the PowerTap hub and pulling out the battery pack, then pushing the firmware updater into place. After switching the updater on, a couple of LEDs flashed for about 30 seconds, then the update was complete.

After fitting the wheel back on my bike, and switching on the Garmin, the power was registered immediately. A quick 1 hour spin on the turbo confirmed that the unit was working correctly.

I haven’t been able to try it with the PowerTap head unit, as the firmware updater appears to be unable to update the head unit’s firmware, which I believe I’ve go to do before it’ll work with the updated hub. I doubt if I’ll use the PowerTap head unit much anyway, as the Garmin unit is much nicer, but I’ll still need it for iSMARTtrain testing.

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