iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 37 Release

Beta 37 of iSMARTtrain is now available. Both Mac & Windows versions are available.

As usual, you can download a copy from As before, this release requires a valid serial number – V2.0 serial numbers are valid. For the remainder of the Beta period, we’ve held the price at $39.95/€34.95/£23.95. You can buy a serial number here – Mac or PC.

One of the bug fixes cures a problem with ‘null’ keyword values appearing as zeros on the keyword graphs. If you have experienced this problem, you can fix your existing data using the ‘Fix Keywords’ option in the ‘Edit’ menu. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE BEFORE DOING THIS.

Changes in this beta include:

  • Altitude data is now correctly graphed for sessions where there is no distance data
  • Keyword Graph o longer shows some zero values for non-existent data
  • Some imported garmin filesno longe have wrong duration, if Auto-Pause is enabled
  • Summary area under HR Graph now shows correct time for PowerTap data
  • Arrow keys now show selection line on HR Graph
  • Now recalculate zones after changing HR Zones
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