Internet Connection Nightmare

Since I run a software company, relatives and friends know me as “One who knows about Computers”. Yesterday, I spent a fustrating couple of hours at my girlfriend’s Uncle’s house trying to connect his new Tiny PC to the internet, using his existing BTInternet connection. He’s already tried himself but failed – every time he tried to dial up using BTInternet, he got a ‘755 Error – Connection refused by Remote Computer’. This appeared before the modem had even dialed! He could connect, however, using the pre-installed ISP, SupraNet.

Turns out the the PC was setup to allow ONLY SupraNet’s phone numbers to be dialed using the modem! It took a re-install of the modem drivers and some registry hacking before we could get the BTInternet connection to work. In the (very) small print of the advert for the PC it claimed that modem was ‘optimised’ for Supranet and could only be used with other ISPs upon request from Tiny!

To me, this appears to be at least a very shady practice, if not actually illegal. It’s also a good reason NOT to by a PC from Tiny.

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