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The road to Cocoa

As some of you may know, our main product, iSMARTtrain, is written using REALbasic. While this has proved to be an excellent product, allowing us to produce both a Mac and a Windows version, and have a Linux version on … Continue reading

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Moved Blog to WordPress

As you can see, we’ve moved our blog from Blogger to WordPress. This proved to be a fairly painless operation, even importing our old posts from blogger’s setup. The only thing I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to … Continue reading

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iSMARTtrain V3.0 Beta 5

Finally, we’ve got beta 5 of iSMARTtrain finished and uploaded to our site. This release has some major improvements in the RS200 & CS200 downloading, plus the first release of our SRM download code. There’s still some work to do … Continue reading

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Differences between CS200 & RS200

Spent a bit of time over the weekend with our new CS200 cycling HRM, comparing it to the RS200 running HRM that we’ve had for a while now. I’d expected the two to be more-or-less the same, regarding features, etc., … Continue reading

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Polar CS200

Got my new CS200 today that I’ve bought to help get CS & RS200 downloading working with V3.0. Initial impressions of it are that it looks a bit like a glorified cycling computer, which, I suppose, is what it is. … Continue reading

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